Mike Hall Auction Co.

Mike Hall Auction Co. was founded in 1972, after Mike’s service in the United States Army.  Mike sold livestock salebarns such as Arthur and Shelbyville for years, before moving up to the auto auction circuit.  Mike has sold thousands of sales in the livestock, auto, farm, household and business closeout lines of business.  Today we provide live auctions, online auctions, combination of live/online bidding to customers in either an on-site setting or away from premises.  We have the ability to move personal property off the premises, with our equipment and employees, or set up the sale at your property.  Mike also is associated with Soy Capital Ag Services, as a farmland auctioneer and broker. In addition to live and online auctions, we offer a simple new sale method call QuickSale.   QuickSale is an easy way for businesses, farmers, municipalities, etc. to liquidate individual pieces of surplus machinery, vehicles, equipment, etc.  While most auction companies require enough lots to put together a full auction, QuickSale by Mike Hall Auction Co., allows you to have one item sold, paid for and removed in under 10 business days.  This is a great innovation for business owners looking to increase cash flow, or just clean up their shop. Mike Hall Auction Company frequently works with law firms throughout central Illinois to provide Personal Property Appraisals that are cost effective, and have a turnaround of as little as approximately three business days.  There is no other auction service in downstate Illinois who can offer the combination of experience, flexible methods of sale, and strategic partnerships that will result in a higher earning auction, than Mike Hall Auction Co.


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